• Fitness / Balance Classes

    $89.00 $50.00
    • These classes are intended for anyone interested in becoming more balanced, more confident, fitter and more focused.
    • Classes are for all ages starting from (approx) 12 yrs old.
    • Class cost is $15 with discounts for additional family members.  Plus membership fee.

    This class combines all the fitness components of our popular martial arts classes with exciting and motivating instruction to music.  It is more than just your average fitness class because it also includes practical martial arts, balance, body awareness and body shaping exercises.

    Freeform fitness classes are challenging and demand your whole attention and the results are simply fantastic, in fact this type of holistic mind and body training  can change some of our own hard-wiring and helps to break conditioning and bad body habits.

  • Personal / Group Training

    $89.00 $50.00
    • We offer personal one-on-one and group training sessions in both martial arts and fitness.  You’ll be looked after by our professional instructors who are qualified blackbelts and fitness instructors.
    • We can tailor your sessions to suit your individual needs, which can include weight management, self defence, balance, training for a grading, improving fitness and endurance or boosting your current training.
    • Sessions usually run for one hour and can be at our venue or in your own home or venue. They can be individual one off sessions, on a regular weekly basis or run as set weekly course.