About Us

Welcome to Freeform!

FreeForm is “The Art of Balance” with endless possibilities to enrich ourselves and develop a stronger sense of self. In our core we all have a perfect balance; the Art is in accessing it and applying it. At times we all ask ourselves questions like ‘Does our body perform as well as we would like’ or ‘Can we defend ourselves and stand up for what we believe in’. The true question is “How balanced are we?”.

FreeForm is a philosophy in practice which leads us into an exciting experience. It is an exploration of our physical and mental capabilities which is so enriching that you feel a compelling urge to enquire further with every step you take.

Freeform classes and programs focus on improving our physical strength and our mental clarity through exciting challenges and modern state of the art exercises. We endeavour to provide outstanding service and duty of care while still offering excellent programs enabling personal growth and lasting physical results.

Building a stronger sense of self will help us to excel in today’s world. From children to adults, beginner to advanced, disabled and the frail, Freeform offers programs for all people. And all can benefit from our amazingly successful programs.

“Becoming more balanced is the natural result of personal growth in ourselves, whether people actively seek this balance or whether it comes naturally. A person is different after gaining an understanding of themselves. Knowledge is power and by applying this knowledge into one’s life, that person does become more empowered.”

Stephen Sonsie